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Why did I opt for Patreon?

Having shared the healing practices of Tai Chi and Qigong with over 10,000 individuals worldwide in the last 14 years, I've encountered the challenge of limited time – there's only so much of "me" to go around – and a desire to teach all those eager to learn. This is what led me to initiate instructor certifications, aiming to train like-minded individuals who share my passion for teaching. It's a demanding journey for both the candidates and myself, but undoubtedly worthwhile. However, the demand for instruction continues to outstrip the available resources. With conflicts in schedules, time zone variations, and financial constraints, many are unable to enroll in my programs.

In light of these challenges, the suggestion emerged to create instructional videos, allowing a broader audience to learn at their own pace and convenience. Nonetheless, producing high-quality videos is an extensive endeavor. I face limitations in terms of budget and encounter logistical complexities that I wasn't entirely sure how to navigate.

Earlier this year, a fellow instructor introduced me to Patreon. Following this recommendation, I delved into the platform and was delighted to discover that Patreon could help me realize my aspiration of reaching more people to enhance their well-being and happiness. Patreon stands not only as a repository of videos – I've already uploaded 40 videos – but it also facilitates the inclusion of crucial documents for each Tai Chi and Qigong routine, thereby enriching the learning experience for students. The platform also serves as a communication tool, enabling interactions between my online students and me. Additionally, I plan to conduct monthly live Zoom sessions for direct instruction.

Patreon operates as a subscription service that offsets expenses. The monthly tuition is considerably more affordable than most gym membership fees, and you retain the flexibility to cancel at any time.

In essence, there are three tracks or tiers to choose from: "Qigong for Wellness," "Tai Chi for Health," and "Advanced Tai Chi." You can transition to a different track in the initial month without incurring any additional charges. Each track will include over 50 videos encompassing various forms.

While many instructional videos or YouTube videos primarily focus on the "What," with some including the "How," rarely do they delve into the "Why." In the realm of internal arts like Tai Chi and Qigong, understanding the "Why" is essential. This is precisely why I cover the "What," the "How," and the “Why” in all my Patreon videos.

Each class video concentrates on specific content, preventing overwhelming learning an entire form all at once. The logical arrangement of all class videos facilitates setting personal goals and establishing a feasible learning schedule.

I've encountered individuals who've invested in videos such as "Learning to Play Piano" or "Mastering Spanish." Yet, these videos often remain untouched on bookshelves. Some approach Patreon with trepidation, concerned about under-utilization and financial waste. Worry not! I am here to guide you. I've designed a special framework that allows you to track your progress, and I'll remain engaged with your learning journey unless you prefer otherwise. I will be your coach for healing. I maintain constant communication with my Patreon patrons regarding their studies.

Presently, my Patreon students express their appreciation for the close-up and multi-angle perspectives provided for movements. And you probably will enjoy them too.

You can watch the video on my reasons for using Patreon. Thanks.


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