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This page is a list of endorsements from past students and organizations who've worked with Violet Li. (#TaiChi, #Taiji, #Qigong, #ImmunityBoost, #StressReduction, #AnxietyRelief, #VioletLi, #StLouis, #LasVegas, #Meditation, #ChineseMartialArts, #KungFu, #WuShu)


Responses on the 2021 Qigong Global Summit hosted by the Shift Network

The Shift Network, a prominent international organization offers transformational education, media, and events. I was invited to present at 2021 Qigong Global Summit hosted by the Shift among 3 dozens of Tai Chi and Qigong masters around the world. I just got the feedback from the Shift (see below) and I was one of the top five most popular speakers. I just want to share this good news with you and thank you for the support.

  • A natural and accessible approach with an excellent foundational practice.

  • A deep knowledge with a lovely warm way of talking and presenting.

  • Amazing teacher

  • Another wonderful lecture and very informative with regard to posture.

  • Beautiful session and great info/pointers

  • Eager to go back and watch again

  • Excellent

  • Excellent

  • Excellent Instruction, want to know more

  • excellent presentation. I have practiced tai chi for many years but had to stop for health problems for a short time. Just getting back into practice. The fundamentals are a good reminder for the experienced and great for beginners. Would love to see an entire class on fundamentals.

  • Excellent Presentation. Loved it! Thank you! I will be contacting you!

  • Excellent session.

  • For a (this) novice, strong and useful reinforcement of the alignment of movement with the constantly changing universe, Yin Yang and the smooth flowing quality to aim for in existence. Importance of doing the forms correctly made big impression.

  • Fun, focused and enjoyable that teased with just enough information and performance.

  • Good demo and points made

  • Good help with silk reeling

  • Great advice on Tai Chi posture.

  • Great explanation of movement of hips - infinity sign

  • Great specifics

  • helpful

  • Her teaching on folding the hips was my biggest take away from the entire event. Loved her passion and knowledge.

  • I do that hip movement as part of my practice

  • I enjoyed her energy very much, and made myself a note to check out her work further.

  • I liked her tips but most of all I loved her flowing beauty when she did qigong. We could all hope to attain her level

  • I love her she’s so humble and kind ; a great teacher

  • I really liked her and the practice she offered.

  • i really liked her practice.

  • Interesting experience!

  • Language barrier but she is awesome

  • Learned a few tips

  • Loved her enthusiasm and detail in sharing her routine.

  • Loved her information

  • Loved her precision about how not to injure your knees when turning.

  • Loved her! Best explanation of Kua sitting i have ever heard!

  • Lovely, her movement of folding in the Kua was outstanding

  • New knowledge

  • really good. Particularly technique

  • She is very generous is her determination to get Qigong to the greatest number of people possible.

  • She taught something unique and helpful.

  • Short practice routine clearly explained a basic for posture

  • So clear in her expanation about the kua and the knees

  • terrific session! She provided a nice overview and a beautiful sample practice,

  • Thank you Violet Li, after your talk I know a little about Tai Chi alignment of body while moving. It was great for hips opening and releasing. I felt there free after moving in the infinity symbol. Your story was also inspiring me as I started practicing Qigong in a similar way as you did, and immediately knew that this is for me after I participated in a workshop. Since then, I was in 2017, Qigong practice become part of my daily routine. Thank you for sharing your story!

  • The emphasis on opening the qua was very important and the seemingly simple demonstration and explanation is very helpful. Violet is very cheerful and personable.

  • The last 10 min were well worth the wait- Thank you!!! I shared your info about kwa use to several friends with knee issues. So do the Chinese confuse "waist" with "kwa"?

  • This was an amazing presentation, and I found it very informative. Especially the part about proper hip movement

  • valuable teaching of folding the hips!!!

  • Very easy exercises, great impact

  • very enlightening

  • Very Fine! So much info , love to see it again !

  • very informative

  • Very valuable! It's have a friend who hurt her knee during Tai Chi, and I told her some tips I learned in this talk.

  • What a delight. Intention matters but technique is important too.

  • What an Inspiring story she has

  • Will watch again

  • Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

Responses on Qigong Classes at the Coker University

DM: I’m not a Chinese study student but I read tons of Chinese cultivation novels translated to English and I am excited to see the real version instead of the fantasy version!!!

CB: yeah I felt sensations

CS: My hands feel warmth

DM: This was a great fun!

MD: Being able to focus solely on my body was enjoyable! Thank you so much! :D

MMC: This is very soothing. My legs were shaking a bit though!

Carolyn: This was wonderful - I thank you very much for this opportunity.

JD: Lots of fun! Thank you!!!

MT: I enjoyed every minute! Thank you!!

Andrea: I thought this was very interesting!

WL: Thank so much LiLaoshi and u 2 LiLaoshi \ (•◡•) /

AF: Thank you so much for this experience.

CB: this was very relaxing and fun. I'm looking forward to next week

OG: I loved doing this. I can literally feel a heightened sense of awareness right now.

Responses on Daily Lessons From the U.S.

Wayne H: Today's lesson was exquisite and timely. My springtime work has caused an aching back, but after practicing this morning, my back feels better. So thanks for today's benefit. Your teaching is so good for the world Violet. Thank you very much!


Kathryn H: You are spreading much wisdom and keeping knowledge in our world. This is much bigger than daily activity. We love you!!!!


Paul M: I am learning quite a lot from your online classes.


Renee D: Thank you for all of you classes and service to our community.


Robert L:  While I can practice on my own, it feels better doing it together.  I used twitchtv on my iPad and mirrored it to my tv.


Cindy G: A friend told me about your Facebook Qigong/Tai Chi exercise sessions and I was able to join in today. I just wanted to say how wonderful it was and thank you for providing such a lovely service during this challenging time. 


Ginny M: Thanks for doing daily Tai Chi!  Know it takes effort on your part.  Liked the double screen today with the other instructor.  It is great to see both chair and standing Tai Chi. Appreciate all that u do !!  Take care!  


Mary F: Tom and I did your class together live streamed this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. 


Sharif Anael-Bey: Violet Li great work!


James B: Honor, so awesome! Love arm/elbow roll, remind me of half butterfly with arms! Thanks for sharing, awesome! Respectfully.


Michael Epstein: Great stuff. From Sifu to Sifu!!!


Edward Primus: Thanks for giving useful information and great lessons. I have shared from NY to Japan.


Youlin Lin: Violet, thank you for your time and devotion. I did the whole course of the exercise, feeling good and proud. Have a good day, be safe.


Virginia Miller: Your TaiChi classes have been wonderful! Thanks for your efforts! Did double last night to catch up!

Charlie Thompson Jr. :Just wonderful Violet


Jason A. Neal: This is excellent teaching.


Mary Ann Heisohn: Your daily lessons are bringing me some peace and balance during this challenging time.


Joe Nowak: Your lessons are great to watch. I'm constantly amazed at the all the variations of the brocade exercises. You’re doing a terrific job.


Loretta M. Wollering: You have put so much good energy out there, Violet! You have always helped the tai chi community, and helped others find out about the depth and riches of an internal arts practice. We all owe you a big thanks. You may not see it just now, but these great efforts will continue to spread good energy around. Xie Xie Ni.


Brenda Dumonceaux: Thank you! You are the best!


Ann Wen: very good exercise. I love it. Good for old, retired people like me and good for young generation sitting in the office for all day to stretch the body. Thanks. Violet. 王錤,好棒。


Joey Martin: May you wisdom be your kindness of sincerity and honesty that is nobly special for the content truth be of greatness as you show your stream power of Tai Chi.


Kwei Su: Excellent!! Thank you Master Violet. Thank you for clearing up my brain fog through QiGong and Tai Chi. I sure enjoy my morning cup of QiGong and Tai Chi. Thank you very much!


Yan Xie: it is awesome! Learn a lot. Feel blessed to have great teachers at this upheaval.


Robert Shawn Tucker: hi violet i love this..... the science and the nurturing grace of taiji.


Jan Priebe Koch: Bravo Violet!! This was a wonderful class and it is so good of you to provide this for the Tai Chi community. Thank you!


Renée Best , really love attending your classes! You are a wonderful instructor! Thank you for these classes. I need these to improve my mental clarity and physical problems. I have a lot of pain from injuries and surgery and have autoimmune issues. I see Shawn Tucker for PT and he shared your page and classes with me and I am so grateful to the both of you.

William Herlth · Thank you for the classes. I really enjoy them. I am starting to relax. It’s feeling good. Your tai chi is beautiful. Thank you for that.

Irene Weber: I can tell that you are a very wise teacher generously sharing what you know. Looking forward to joining again.


Stephen Watson: That was an inspiring stream! Thank you.


Scott Burbank: I really enjoyed the presentation yesterday I watch the entire thing lots of information lots of great people you did a fantastic job.


Sally Rege Carroll: Wonderful guided meditation, thank you!


Renee Reynolds: I had an extremely frustrating night & morning and today's class successfully eliminated all the tension in my shoulders!


Robin Z: My teacher introduced me to your daily class online. I truly enjoyed them on weekends (the only days I could make right now). You did a fantastics job of making it manageable for beginner while explaining the deeper meaning for seasoned practitioners. It's very generous of you to devote your time for this public good. I have practiced for nearly 10 years, and found a lot to learn from you and the other masters who have visited your class. In a small town (called Murray) in western rural Kentucky, we are fortunate to have a small local group. We haven't met in person since mid March (except now via Zoom once a week). Your daily sessions offer so much for Tai Chi & Qi Going lovers at this challenging time. So, thank you very much!


Connie: The classes start my day. I feel like I have stretched all parts of body and it energizes me for the day. Thank you! 


Dorothy Gray: Violet is an excellent teacher. She makes the movements very understandable. I'm glad I found Violet.


Cindy G: It’s also great that you do the demos both seated and standing. I am recovering from a stress fracture in my foot so now I am transitioning to doing things standing once again after weeks of needing to do exercises from a chair.


Jan Martin: Love this class! So informative so it all makes sense re the benefits.


Rich Hamel Thank you for your dedication in sharing your time and knowledge. We are all so honored to have your instructions. Can not wait to train in person again at the Tai Chi Gala.


John P Painter You have been a great inspiration to many and with renewed energy.


Jaci Kroupa : Love your enthusiasm!

Paul Henson Your fantastic contribution has been helping thousands of people all over the world.

Greater Williamsburg Taiji and Qigong: Violet is an excellent teacher!


Robert Albach: Nice deep horse-stance very nice


Alex Apolinar Great Mam, I have just watched Your video only this day. I've learned again properly a lot. And more importantly.For You taught very detailed patiently and sincerely. All of Your student with You are so fortunate.Thank You So Much Mam Violet Li. Keep safe.Wish vibrant health more blessings and power to You:Amen.Bye.


Sally Rege Carroll: After 4 months of tai chi I can jog farther and don't get out of breath, and my hammer toe (caused by a bunion) stopped hurting when I jog! It must be from the Sparrow's tail increasing my oxygen!


Mary Ann Heisohn: Violet is known nationally for her expertise in Tai Chi. It is a gift to many that she is sharing her time and talent with us.


Bill Donnelly: I am sending you this note, because I want you to know how you, biting your natural self or a very uplifting person.

My daughter was having a bad morning. She got more disappointing news, mostly related to her job and COVID-19. She was very down and disappointed. In fact I would say she was getting depressed. So I put on the video of you from this past Monday. We both do you lighted in watching you talk about cleaning your house on the weekend. She just loves your positive energy and it put a big smile on her face. So thank you my friend.


Martie Turner: You are an awesome teacher...we need your way of Gentle Teaching with all my friends who are Nurses in Tampa, Fl.


Sky Rg: One of the best.


Waleska Jai : Hello I truly enjoy doing the Tai Chin with you it’s felt amazing.

Paul Myer Violet, thank you very much for continuing these lessons. I appreciate your attention to detail

Responses on Daily Lessons From Around the World

Gil F. (Australia): Violet it is a privilege to learn from you & I love to be able to watch it from 1-2am. You are a very humble, wonderful, funny, very knowledgeable & very flexible & very generous human being……I have enjoyed learning & sharing from you. I love the way you explain the movements & how they benefit which part of the body thank you. You are a great teacher Violet Thank you


Ebenezer Idowu Ajayi (Nigeria): Violet Li, thank you. You are an immense blessing to the world.


Cinzia Pe' (Italy): thank you so much ! Great Job! Great energy!


Tom Hanson (Canada): Excellent instruction....and appreciated


Martha Ley (Mexico): Thank you again dear Violet, you are such a gift!!!


Pablo Diego Bugallo (Argentina): Saludos desde Argentina


Dilshan Pradeep Shantha(Sri Lanka) i am sri lanka, good lesson


Lankeshvara Ravana (India): yes very truly taichi is best way to practice improve our body and chi circulating and cure all the sickness im doing my best taichi


Marcelo Carlos Ramírez (Spain): Thank you for your teachings Violet Li, greetings to the distance!


Dominador “Sensei Domi” Tomate: What a great workout! I can see how people like watching the videos. Keep up the good work.


Ebenezer Idowu Ajayi (Nigeria): Violet Li, thank you. You are an immense blessing to the world.


Silvia Mioc :You are such an amazing teacher! You doing the mirror makes it so much easier to follow!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I also love how you demonstrate close up the hand mudras.


Jean Goetz (France): Dear Violet, we are so grateful for your generous teaching of this so great and helpful art of Taï Chi Chuan! Your latest initiative to offer self care, breathing and calmness to nurses and health care workers, so affected and tired because of the terrific pandemic, is magnificent! Best regards, Jean


Virgina Tanji: Thank you so much for posting your classes on Facebook.  They have been wonderful.  I have appreciated the stretching and the Ba Duan Jin you lead every morning and also all your guests who have shared their expertise and time so generously. I have practiced Yang style for many years but even the Chen classes have been interesting. Thank you so much for all the work you put into making these classes available each day.  What a wealth of information and knowledge is being shared.  I have alerted friends to your classes as well..even to a friend with Parkinson’s disease who appreciates  the teaching from a sitting position. Thank you so much again for the wonderful classes!!  I am so grateful for all your efforts...and what an unexpected blessing from the Covid19 time.


Marcelo Carlos Ramírez(Argentina) Thank you Violet Li for your time and care put in each class. My respects. Cordial greetings.


Arian Anger  (Wales) Thank you very much, this was really good! Greetings from Wales, have a fine day, I look forward to the next lesson!


Responses from the Women’s Wellness Weekend


·        Have never done tai chi but always wanted to try it. Now I am going to take some classes! Loved it!

·         Loved her! Adorable! Excellent communicator and teacher and passionate about her subject. Bought her DVD.

·         The instructor was awesome, made me wanna sign up for a tai chi class. Loved the class and instructor.

·         Informative.

·         Good class, instructor very good.

·         Very Professional. Instructor is very passionate.

·         I learned a lot about tai chi. Including background and will look into classes at home. Really nice instructor very knowledgeable and fun.

·         Used to know short form from years ago. Really liked and may take up again. Instructor is very good and informative walk through instruction

·         Loved the class and the instructor

·         Great intro to basic 24 amazing instructor.

·         the instructor was very knowledgeable and had a good sense of humor

·         Interesting information, prefer more activity or practice

·         (Instructor) very knowledgable and welcomed persons to class

·         Loved it. Planned, organized and so fun. Very informative – want this class again

·         (Instructor) excellent! Brought just right amount of info, humor, knowledge, & instruction. Loved her.

·         Instructor very passionate and had great understanding of Tai Chi

·         (Instructor) awesome and passionate

·         (Instructor) truly cared about us

·         (Instructor) very knowledgeable and great energy


Responses from YMCA


Mary Finley: As we have told you, we appreciate your devotion to our class and to Tai Chi so much; you are inspiring.


Joan Filiatreau: I enjoy your class so much, I am so happy when Tuesday and Thursday because I get to go to your class. Thank you again for this wonderful class.


Mary Gentry: I've been attending your classes on Tuesday and Thursdays at the Chesterfield YMCA and am enjoying them very much.  You are a delightful person and a gifted instructor.  The things I'm learning have been helpful in strengthening, flexibility, balance, and increased  well-being - thank you.


Robin Spence: I enjoy your class very much.


Mayumi Chitwood: I enjoyed your call and would like to keep practicing.


Bob Lee: Violet, you are an awesome Tai Chi teacher. Your instructions are clear, you explain the movements well, and you are so polite.  I guess your years of teaching experience, together with your natural talents, makes your classes so outstanding.


YouLin Lin: We students of Taichi and Violet are so lucky and blessed.


Nancy Tang: We enjoyed your class very much! 


Lydia Yuen: Do appreciate your teaching and sharing. You are truly very outstanding. 


Other Responses: 


Richard Workman: I am honored to know someone with such devotion and wealth of TaiChi Chuan/ Qigong knowledge, Ms Li.

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