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How Virtual Online Classes Work?

There are several benefits to doing online private or group classes with Violet. Online Classes keep social distancing in place and save travel time. Not to mention that you can take a lesson from anywhere in the world.

Use Digital Technology you already own.

Attending the class via either a computer, tablet or mobile device.


Connect Online

There are many computer and mobile platforms (Zoom, WeChat, WebEx, etc.) that online classes can be conducted. Violet is flexible and will choose a platform or app that you feel comfortable.


Personal Attention

Online classes allow students see complicated movements in a more close-up manner.

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Let's Work Together

Thank you for your interest in working with Violet Li. Please fill out this online form and she will get back to you as soon as possible? (#TaiChi, #Taiji, #Qigong, #ImmunityBoost, #StressReduction, #AnxietyRelief, #VioletLi, #StLouis, #LasVegas, #Meditation, #ChineseMartialArts, #KungFu, #WuShu)

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