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I am so proud of Kwei and Mia!

I have done hundreds of Tai Chi performances, but I have never been as proud as I was during the recent event at the Missouri Botanical Garden!

For over 20 years, the Missouri Botanical Garden has hosted Chinese Culture Days (CCD) to celebrate cultural diversity in St. Louis, MO. The local Chinese community has been the biggest supporter of this annual event, offering diverse presentations including folk music, dance, costumes, culinary arts, arts and crafts for children, calligraphy and paintings, dragon and lion dances, traditional wedding ceremonies, acrobatics, the game of Go, and Tai Chi performances. In recent years, I have been commissioned to organize the Tai Chi performances. I am grateful for the voluntary efforts of local Tai Chi teachers who contributed on May 18-19, 2024. Besides my role as an organizer, I personally participated in five performances and hosted two seminars this year.

During one of the performances, I, along with two of my students, led the audience in Easy Flow, a form combining Tai Chi and Qigong movements that I assembled. Kwei Su Li, 82 years young, started learning Tai Chi and Qigong in 2019. She has shown incredible diligence, mastering several forms including the Chen Style Old Frame Routine One, which has 74 movements. Despite Tai Chi's complexity, Kwei has excelled, becoming certified to teach Chen 18 and is on her way to becoming an instructor for Old Frame Routine One. Her dream is to share the healing art with others to help them be healthier.

Mia Zhang, a 14-year-old student, began her Tai Chi journey at age 6 and is my youngest student ever. Mia has learned many Tai Chi and Qigong routines, including Single Sword and Single Board Sword. She is certified to teach the revered Qigong Form Ba Duan Jin and will soon be certified to teach Chen 18, aiming to teach seniors next year.

Kwei volunteered to select the music and choreographed Easy Flow for our performance. The audience loved the music and the performance. In the video below, you can see our performance: Kwei is in the center dressed in red, and Mia is on the left, facing the audience in black. As their teacher, I am extremely proud of their love for Tai Chi, their dedication to learning, and their commitment to serving others. You can watch our performance video.


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