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Free Webinar: An Introduction To Qigong

Live Webinar on Thursday June 24th 2021 1:00pm ET/10am PT

I am grateful to be invited to present an introductory seminar on Qigong hosted by "Open the Door to Tai Chi". Qigong, the ancient Chinese healing art, has been proven scientifically to have great health benefits to strengthen the pulmonary-cardio and digestive functions, improve quality of life, physical balance and longevity, reduce stress and anxiety, and more.

As a mind-body-breathing exercise that is easy to learn, Qigong is accessible for people of all ages and physical conditions including people in wheelchairs.

Master Violet Li has taught thousands the practice of Qigong and you now you can learn directly from her!

Who is this seminar for?

  • Curious students who want to learn Tai Chi or Qigong themselves

  • Trainers needing CEC’s and new ways to help their clientele

  • Business owner looking to provide a valuable and profitable service

  • Those who want to help the aging population




What is Qigong? Qigong's history, techniques, philosophy, and health benefits. Demonstration and teaching of a short Qigong form.

Time: 1:00pm ET/10am PT

Date: Thursday June 24th 2021

Location: Online with a link after registration

Cost: Free but you need to register soon.

Status: It is open for registration


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