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2023 Chen 15 Straight Sword

Tuesdays, 07/11/23 - 10/03/23

A 12-week online small group class for in-depth instruction on Chen 15 Straight Sword. Chen Style Straight sword is the most exquisite Tai Chi form. The regular form has 49 movements and requires more commitment from practitioners. Chen 15 form is a shorter version of the form to introduce practitioners to its profundity and beauty. An interactive learning experience with timely feedback and open discussion to learn this gorgeous form. (#TaiChi, #Taiji, #Qigong, #ImmunityBoost, #StressReduction, #AnxietyRelief, #VioletLi, #StLouis, #LasVegas, #Meditation, #ChineseMartialArts, #KungFu, #WuShu). Prerequisite: Chen 18


Private access to the recorded sessions for continuous learning.


Joint Flexion, and Chen 15 Straight Sword.

Special Note regarding buying a straight sword: the appropriate sword length is determined by your total body height, torso length, and arm length. Hold the sword upright and make sure that sword tip is between your eyes and mouth as photos. Then measure the length between the sword tip and hand guard (or hilt).

Time: 10:30 - 11:30 am EST, 9:30 -10:30 am CST, 7:30 -8:30 am PST.

Date: Tuesdays, 07/11/23 - 10/03/23

Location: Zoom Class or in person if living in Las Vegas

Cost: $180; Early Bird Discount: $160 register by 07/07/23

Status: Email to register


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Loretta Wollering
Loretta Wollering
Jun 20, 2023

Chen Sword is a WONDERFUL sword form!

Replying to

Thanks for inviting me to Tai Chi Gala to teach Chen Sword. I really enjoyed the workshop.

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