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A Chinese Ghost Story 1080p




txt subtitle). This set includes all 5 movies (originally released between 2002 and 2005) that make up the A Chinese Ghost Story series and have become the "gateway" movies for many Hong Kong cinema newbies. All five movies of the A Chinese Ghost Story series have been recently released on Blu-ray in the UK and US, and ACHESS ( is offering this special set with both a Chinese and English language version. Each film is region A (Region 1), so it should work on any Blu-ray player and player software from region 1 up to the latest region A blu-ray player/software. If you are in the US, is offering it for $49.00, which is $15 off the normal price of $64.99. So this is a big savings! You will need a new or secondhand player or player software and compatible player for each of these discs (Region A Blu-ray discs can be played on all Region A players and software) so if you are buying new make sure you will need it (or you will need to check that you have compatible player software/new player). The only downside is the lack of subtitles, but this doesn't matter as much in this country. Region B (Region 2) Blu-rays are also available, and will not play on any Region A players. This special set is only $15 off the normal price of $49.99, which is $34.99 - or $15 off a set of 5 movies, one for each of the five discs! BLU RAY INFO This is a 5 disc set and comes in an attractive sturdy blu-ray case, and includes a voucher for a free voucher to get a free copy of the second part of the A Chinese Ghost Story series, "A Chinese Ghost Story II". So, if you already own the first part of this series, you might as well get the second part! The reason why this is a "Set of 5" is because all five movies in this series have been recently released on Blu-ray in the UK and US and it is the only way you can get these movies all in one package and without paying a fortune. "The idea of Chinese Ghost Story was born out of a visit to my mother's hometown. I wanted to tell




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A Chinese Ghost Story 1080p

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